Lakeview Church Zion IL

Children and Youth Volunteer Application

All information provided on these forms will be kept confidential and will only be shared with the Pastoral staff of Lakeview Church and people deemed necessary to ensure the safety, security and legal responsibility of all children, youth, adult volunteers, and Lakeview Church as a whole. These forms will be printed, placed in a binder and kept securely in the Associate Pastor office.

Personal and Contact Information



Do you have any medical or CPR training/certification?
Do you have any physical disabilities or conditions that prevent you from performing certain activities?
Have you ever been accused, arrested, charged, indicted, or convicted for any criminal offense (felony or misdemeanor) other than a minor traffic violation?
Have you ever had your driver's license suspended, restricted, or revoked for any reason?
Do you use illegal drugs?
Have you ever been hospitalized or treated for alcohol or substance abuse?
Are you currently going through a divorce?
Are there any circumstances involving your lifestyle, background, or personal history (i.e. abuse, molestation, personal addicitions, or sruggles, etc.) that may hinder you from a productive ministry with children or youth?

As a church, we ask that anyone who is serving in a leadership or teaching position at Lakeview be a Christ-follower who is living a God-honoring lifestyle in agreement with Scripture. Are any of the following true of your journey at this time?

I am not yet a Christian.
I am unmarried and currently living with a member of the opposite sex.
I am pursuing a sexual realtionship outside of New Testament marriage.


Please list three personal references that are familiar with your character and abilities. Provide as much contact information as possible. Contacts at previous churches are appropriate and encouraged. Please do not include relatives or Lakeview Church staff members. All information will remain confidential.

Please answer each of the following questions.

As a volunteer in this church, do you agree to observe and abide by all church policies regarding working in ministries with children and/or youth?
As a volunteer in this church, do you agree to inform a leader of the church if you have ever been convicted of child abuse?
As a volunteer, do you agree to participate in a criminal background check?


I have read this application and the Policy and Procedures Handbook and agree to observe and abide by the policies set forth.